Supporting programme - Hotel Wasserturm
Supporting programme - Hotel Wasserturm

Supporting programme

As the setting also has to be right if a conference is to be a success: allow us to assist you with the arrangement of your supporting programme in and around Cologne.

We will be pleased to access our network in Cologne and to support you in developing your own ideas and in seeking and recommending:

  • Bus transfers to your evening event
  • Trips to breweries with space for groups
  • Guided tours of breweries including a sample Kölsch at every brewery
  • Club bookings for the monthly Candy Shop Party at Halle/Tor 2 and the Ivory Disco
  • Cocktail courses at our "Harry’s Lounge" bar
  • Perfume seminars at the tradition-steeped 4711 "Eau-de-Cologne" house
  • Tickets for events in and around Cologne
  • Trips to the Phantasialand theme park in Brühl
  • Bicycle/rickshaw sightseeing tours around Cologne starting and finishing at the hotel
  • Photographer for your event or your activity outside the hotel
  • Gin and whiskey tasting at our "Harry's Lounge" bar
  • Go-carting with warm-up, qualifying and podium ceremony
  • Carnival meetings with all the Cologne carnival societies
  • Etiquette seminars or an etiquette dinner
  • Presenters, artists and the complete technology
  • Praline workshops in the chocolate museum
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Segway sightseeing tours of cologne starting/finishing at the hotel
  • Ship events on the river Rhine
  • Trips to shows at the Follies Travestie Startreff theatre
  • Sightseeing tours of Cologne on the "Bimmelbahn" tourist train
  • Tours of TV studios

Allow us to create a complete package for your supporting programme! We will be pleased to respond to your enquiry!