The Mittelstrasse is one of the most exclusive shopping streets of Cologne. Here you will find exclusive fashion boutiques, concept stores, gentlemen's outfitters, shoe shops, opticians, furniture stores and much more.

Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse
The Hohe Strasse begins at the foot of the Cologne Cathedral, then leads into Schildergasse which ends an the Neumarkt. A variety of shops invite you for a leisurely stroll. Besides shoes, clothing, jewelry, books and watches you will find the souvenir shops near the cathedral. The Neumarkt is within walking distance of 10 minutes (700 m) or one metro station from the hotel.

Breite Strasse
The Breite Strasse is one of the most interesting shopping streets in the center of Cologne. The branch mix succeeded: many businesses are still run by the owners. New projects such as the DuMont Carré, the Opern Passagen or the WDR arcades provide additional attractiveness.

Traditional values, presented with long-established stores, can be found in the immediate vicinity of unusual and extravagant offers. The variety on display here is particularly appreciated by customers who look for "everything in one place". The Ehrenstrasse is perfect for short distance shopping.

Galeria Kaufhof Cologne Hohe Strasse
Shopping paradise behind a historic façade

With around 36,000 square meters shop space the Galeria Kaufhof Cologne Hohe Strasse is one of the largest department stores in Germany. Located in the heart of the cathedral city at the intersection of Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse customers can expect a shopping paradise behind an over 100 year old façade. The listed building is not only an architectural highlight, but also an integral part of the city's history. Since 1891 this traditional department store has accompanied most of Cologne's citizens for a lifetime.