Our corporate values

How we work and interact with each other

We are all very different. We treat each other with respect, listen and take care. 

We work in an international team. Both our guests and employees come from different parts of the world. We treat everyone the same and learn from each other.

We trust our employees. We like to work in a positive working climate and support new ideas.

We are always open to new and innovative ideas and like to discuss on how to implement them.

We work economically, sustainable and long-term.

We work cross-departmental, support each other and define ourselves as a powerful team.

We bring a lot of passion for the hospitality industry. We always strive to turn each overnight stay in a wonderful experience.

Our team counts on us. Therefore we should always be punctual and conscientious.

We are there for our guests 24/7. To ensure smooth working processes, we need to communicate with each other and act like a strong team.

Making our guests happy and exceeding expectations is our biggest goal. That’s why we are always friendly, service-oriented and happy to assist them.